Tecnifar is a company that has a different view on the pharmaceutical market: whereas some see health, Tecnifar sees life. Rather than responding to the challenges of the industry, the expectations of the agents operating in the sector and the needs of the population, Tecnifar seeks to play an active role in improving the quality of life of Portuguese populace. This position, which is embodied within all aspects of its activity, is the factor that drives the company to offer innovative products and to continually develop new solutions. Being ahead is the best way to monitor developments. An open attitude, a holistic approach and focus on people is what motivates us all, every day and at every opportunity, to create formulas for life.


Tecnifar is a reference to Portuguese companies in the Healthcare industry, with growing international recognition. The first steps were taken jointly with the Luso-Fármaco Institute and Medicamenta, companies with which it has shared synergies since 1969 - the year of its founding - up to 1986. Since that year, Tecnifar has gained full autonomy and ventured into growing alone, with independence, confidence and determination.

It is a family company since its founding, with 100% national capital. It has kept growing throughout three generations of employees and entrepreneurial shareholders, determined to assert the brand within a range of specialized pharmaceutical areas. At the same time, the name Tecnifar has found its way into an ever-widening circle of international centres for research and development, thus also contributing to consolidate its image of rigour and reliability in scientific circles.



Tecnifar’s journey has been both dynamic and sustainable, because its strategy for growth has always been well established, both in terms of strict criteria and innovation – which still guide its posture and activity today.

Tecnifar acts in the pharmaceutical sector producing, marketing and distributing medicinal drugs, being their own or those patented by research companies of recognized competence, such as Angelini, Astrazeneca, Desitin, HRA Pharma, J. Uriach, Menarini, MSD, Polichem or UCB, for example.

The active and relentless search for the best therapeutic solutions makes its portfolio even more complete, now with an extended selection of prescription products, OTC’s and medical devices for therapies related to the Central Nervous System, the Cardio-Vascular System, Allergology, Rheumatology and women's health, among other areas.