Mission and Values




Support provided by Tecnifar to Patient Associations during 2014


(under Article 7 of the Code of Conduct covering Relations between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Patient Associations)


The Association for the Promotion of Mental Health: World Mental Health Day Commemerations 2014 - 5,000.00€






Tecnifar is a Portuguese healthcare group. A family business, the Tecnifar Group focuses on innovation within the pharmaceutical sector.


Our mission entails the following goals:

- Contributing to improving the quality of life of patients, by offering innovative medicines and the most recent therapies.

- Playing a relevant role in Portuguese R&D. 

- Ensuring that our actions are guided by ethics, rigour and commitment, values in which we share with our business partners.

- Achieving excellence status in the products we offer and the services we provide to our customers and partners.

- Ensuring a cohesive working environment, promoting teamwork and providing our employees with suitable opportunities for personal and professional development.






It is our goal to position ourselves as a highly innovative group within the healthcare sector.

We aim to diversify our business, which is largely focused on the pharmaceutical sector, by expanding our activity to complementary fields, such as advanced diagnosis and therapies.

To this aim, we intend to develop and implement an internationalisation strategy, in order to achieve greater impact.

Accordingly, we will take the best advantage of the partnerships we have established within the R&D area, in order to achieve our strategic objectives.






ExcellenceWe do business in accordance with high quality standards, bearing in mind the need for the rational use of resources and the search for new solutions. We embrace change, focus on continuous improvement, seek to learn from experience and continuously increase our knowledge. We take responsibility for our personal and professional development in order to ensure excellent performance.


EthicsOur commitment to ethics is reflected by the conduct of all those who represent us – employees, customers, distributors. We remain true to our values, regardless of the circumstances, and try to objectively review our choices and to commit to following the right path.


Customer OrientationWe focus strongly on customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services.


Innovation We continuously seek the best medicinal products and therapeutic approaches, in order to improve the quality of life for final users. We seek to develop new management methods and tools, as well as working processes that will allow us to meet our challenges, with a view to driving business growth.


Social responsibility -  Social responsibility is a core value to Tecnifar. As such, we have included social and environmental criteria in our decision-making processes. Additionally, we seek to ensure relevant stakeholders are involved in our business, in order to minimise negative impacts on the environment and society.


Sustainability of growth and Partnerships -  Our commitment to sustainability is reflected by our search for balance between the economic success of our business and the management of environmental and social impacts. We seek to grow in a sustainable manner, by investing in strategic partnerships.